Hello Beauties!  LIFE IN BLOOM CO. was created because as a momma, I know how important having a collective is; made up of like-minded friends and experts who TRULY adore you. I know you are yearning for uplifting support during this time of soul searching, growing, and mothering these tiny human(s). It’s often all consuming and finding your place in this world doesn’t always come easy either.

Thats why I’m here, to let you know that you are seen, felt, heard, understood, {ACCEPTED}. That you my dear, are perfectly imperfect just as you are. You are human, and that is lovely all in itself. We promote profound self-care and kindness through sisterhood. We are here to provide amazing resources, community, and a space to share your voice, to help keep you feeling sustained through your journey in motherhood! 

Spending the previous five years as a Family Studies scholar, working as a doula, and nurturing my little one, I’ve discovered a major struggle for mothers.  There’s a disheartening lack of support, education, and community for parents. Yet, I know a plethora of experts with amazing and life changing information. So, here I am! Your friend, scholar, bridge builder, and community creator.

I am a momma on a mission for self-actualization, wife of my childhood sweetheart, lover of Jesus and Mother Earth. I’m a vegan minimalist just looking for the good in this world and finding a way to help others do the same! I’m a “If you have a problem, I have a solution” kinda person. Unless its math, and then thats a hard maybe. Either way, I’m here for you!

Wanna get to know me and your tribe better?

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Love, Kaelynn